Who are Team THE?

A unique triathlon team based in Horsham, West Sussex, The Tom Hills Experience (Team THE), have been racing officially since 2008. Team THE started life in 2006 as a team entry for the local Southwater Sprint Relay race, then after a couple of years the founding triathletes affiliated with the British Triathlon Association. Initially a small triathlon team, but with limitless vision a "big team look" was soon created, and transition talk was all about Team THE.

Team THE athletes past and present have raced around the world, including Ironman World Championships in Hawaii and Ironman 70.3 World Championships. Recently the I.T.U. age group World Championships and the E.T.U. age group European Championships have also proved very successful. See the Athletes page for all current members.

Continued progression means Team THE have secured ongoing sponsorship over the years from a number of keen businesses who help along the way.

Support this year comes from the Gang at My switch shop the online supplier of varilight dimmer switches and decorative electrical wiring accessories. They have been with Team THE from the very beginning in one form or another, also welcome aboard Cuckoo Cherry Tree.com the supplier of eccentric and Bespoke Hats and Last but by no means least emblazoned across our chests Hartland Carriages who specialise in the manufacture of a wide range of horse carriages, harness and carriage driving accessories.

With help from Upgrade bikes, Team THE will be seen on the road and speeding out of T1 with all sorts of cool components.

Race suits courtesy of Multisport Distribution with a little help from Blade printing services keep Team THE looking sharp all year round.

Team THE also raise their lids to Sussex Sport Photography who rise to the challenge and make sure we look great on every occasion.

Tom Hills Experiance triathlon team

Results 2017

Brighton Vitality half Marathon

  • Paul Blackmore completed the 1/2 marathon in 01:22:35 - 117nd OV
  • Graham Powell completed the 1/2 marathon in 01:36:26 - 789th OV
  • Michael Hartland completed the 1/2 marathon in 01:36:29 - 795th OV
  • Joanne Hartland completed the 1/2 marathon in 02:08:06 - 5283th OV
Brighton Vitality half Marathon

FITSTUFF G3 Series Race No.1 | 2017

  • Rob Sherwood completed the 10 Km in 00:43:35 - 1st OV / 1st AG
  • Mark Furth completed the 10 Km in 00:46:48 - 6th OV / 3rd AG
  • Paul Blackmore completed the 10 Km in 00:56:35 - 65th OV / 29th AG
  • Graham Powell completed the 10 Km in 00:59:43 - 92nd OV / 42nd AG
  • Joanne Hartland completed the 10 Km in 01:20:49 - 247th OV / 41st AG
FITSTUFF G3 Series Race No.3

FITSTUFF G3 Series Race No.2 | 2017

  • Rob Sherwood completed the 10 Km in 00:43:24 - 1st OV / 1st AG
  • Mark Furth completed the 10 Km in 00:46:17 - 5th OV / 1st AG
  • Paul Blackmore completed the 10 Km in 01:00:11 - 102nd OV / 55th AG
  • Graham Powell completed the 10 Km in 00:58:26 - 94th OV / 37th AG
FITSTUFF G3 Series Race No.2

FITSTUFF G3 Series Race No.3 | 2017

  • Graham Powell completed the 10 Km in 00:58:56 - 30th OV / 12th AG
FITSTUFF G3 Series Race No.1
Ringwood Triathlon | 2017

Ringwood Triathlon | 2017

  • 1st place overall Rob Sherwood 1:58:06
  • 3rd overall female Karina Eustace 2:19:26
David Lloyd Worthing Sprint Triathlon | 2017

David Lloyd Worthing Super Sprint Triathlon | 2017

  • 1st place overall Nick Casburn 0:38:47

REP Bluebell trail Run | 2017

  • 1st place overall Mark Furth 37:35 (masquerading as Henfield Joggers!)
  • 4th overall and 1st over 50 yrs Paul Blackmore 39:33
  • Best Marshall on a bike Graham Powell
REP Bluebell trail Run | 2017
REP Bluebell trail Run | 2017

REP Steyning Triathlon | 2017

In the long race...

  • 2nd overall Rob Sherwood 1:36:28
  • 3rd overall Mark Furth 1:37:58
  • 24th overall Michael Hartland 1:48:10
  • 2nd overall Female Karina Eustace 1:55:25
REP Steyning Triathlon Long | 2017
REP Steyning Triathlon Long | 2017
REP Steyning Triathlon Long | 2017
REP Steyning Triathlon Long | 2017
REP Steyning Triathlon Long | 2017
REP Steyning Triathlon Long | 2017

In the short race...

  • 2nd overall Paul Blackmore 53:55
  • 10th overall Nick Casburn 58:30
  • 14th overall Graham Powell 59:23
REP Steyning Triathlon Short | 2017
REP Steyning Triathlon Short | 2017
REP Steyning Triathlon Short | 2017

Eton Sprint European ETU qualifier | 2017

  • Paul "Bullitt" Blackmore 4th overall 01:07:21
  • Rachel Nicholl 16th overall 01:15:31 (superb result considering she only gave birth 8 weeks beforehand)
Eton Sprint European ETU qualifier | 2017

Standard Tri, New Forest | 2017

  • Karina Eustace 2nd female (19th Overall) 02:41:31
Swashbuckler Standard Tri, New Forest | 2017

REP Arundel Lido (standard / Sprint races) | 2017

  • Mark Furth 2nd overall 01:47:04 (Standard race)
  • Mike Hartland 17th overall 01:57:12 (Standard race)
  • Nick Casburn 8th overall 01:03:31 (Sprint race)
REP Arundel Lido (standard race) | 2017
REP Arundel Lido (standard race) | 2017
REP Arundel Lido (sprint race) | 2017

East Grinstead Tri | 2017

  • Paul Blackmore - 7th overall , 1st over 50 yrs 1:09:34
East Grinstead Tri | 2017

The English Sprint tri Age Group Champs Thorpe Park | 2017

  • Paul Blackmore 2nd over 50 yrs 1:06:52
  • Rachel Nicholl 4th 25-29 yrs 1:15:00
triproject logo | 2017

32GI Eastbourne Tri | 2017

  • Rob Sherwood - 1st overall 1:03:40
  • Karina Eustace - 27th overall ,3rd female 1:20:40
32GI Eastbourne Tri | 2017
32GI Eastbourne Tri | 2017
Ardingly White Bird Triathlon (Standard) | 2017
Ardingly White Bird Triathlon (Standard) | 2017

Ardingly White Bird Triathlon (Standard) | 2017

  • Mark Furth - 1st overall 2:00:48
  • Michael Hartland 3rd overall 2:08:00

Rother valley sprint tri | 2017

our Northern chapter dipped his toe into triathlon

  • Chris Keeler 17th - 1:27:21
Rother valley sprint tri | 2017
Rother valley sprint tri | 2017
Ardingly White Bird Triathlon (Standard) | 2017
Ardingly White Bird Triathlon (Standard) | 2017

Guildford Tri | 2017

  • Rob sherwood 1st - 1:02:33
  • Karina Eustace 1st Female - 1:16:26
Mid Sussex Tri | 2017

Mid Sussex Tri | 2017

  • Paul "Bullitt" Blackmore 4th & 1st over 50 - 1:06:33
  • Michael Hartland 7th - 1:07:05
  • Nick Casburn 17th - 1:09:40
  • Graham "Gandalf" Powell 43rd - 1:15:04
  • Rachel Nicholl 47th & 2nd Female - 1:15:27
  • Chris"Chrispy" Ticehurst 50th - 1:16:14

Mid Sussex Aquabike | 2017

This marked the return of the Legend that is Tom Hills in the Mid Sussex Aquabike...

  • Tom Hills 7th - 00:55:26
Mid Sussex Tri | 2017
Mid Sussex Tri | 2017
Mid Sussex Tri | 2017
Mid Sussex Tri | 2017
Mid Sussex Tri | 2017
Mid Sussex Tri | 2017

ETU kitzbuhel Euro champs | 2017

All 3 of our top Boys scored top ten finishes in their individual races, a superb set of results.

  • Rob Sherwood 8th / 52 - 2:10:45
  • Mark Furth 9th / 64 - 2:16:50
  • Paul "Bullitt" Blackmore 8th/68 - 2:19:16
ETU kitzbuhel Euro champs | 2017
ETU kitzbuhel Euro champs | 2017
ETU kitzbuhel Euro champs | 2017

The T.H.E Team

Moving into 2017 Team T.H.E. has grown into a formidable squad, Including several GB age groupers and world Championship Qualifiers, last season seeing a big haul of trophies and a participation in the World 70.3 Championships. So it is all to play for within the Team and a whole season ahead, it is going to be a hard work and a lot of fun, so look out!

Tom Hills

Tom HillA 12 times national champion in his age group. He has held titles at all distances from sprint right through to Ironman distance. At the height of his dominance, holding Olympic, Middle and Long distance titles in the same year. A great feat in itself! Tom has even qualified for the pinnacle of triathlon, the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. After racing all around the world and a bad crash whilst out training with the Team Tom took a well deserved break from Triathlon, Unfortunately Time and mileage has taken it's toll on his joints but never one to give up Tom has kept training and is hoping to take part in a few key events during the season. Tom will be out to prove he still has it... Listen out for him as he leaves T1"

  • [Kona Hawaii]
  • [Original Ironbridge middle Distance]
Paul "Bullitt" Blackmore

Paul "Bullitt" BlackmoreIn 2016 my time is split between racing and coaching. racing focus is on Sprint and Olympic distance, with the European and then English championships goals for the first part of the season, then possibly the Worlds at the end. I'd also like to get a top 3 in age group at 70.3 distance this year after puncturing in Puerto Rico.

I qualified as a Level 2 triathlon coach this year and I've started doing training plans and 1-2-1 coaching for a few lucky athletes. I'm starting to enjoy this more than the racing.

Race achievements

  • [2016] 3rd Overall - Steyning sprint
  • [2016] 5th Age Group - Ironman 70.3 Puerto Rico
  • [2016] 7th Age Group - European Olympic Championships
  • [2016] 1st Age Group - Dorney Lake Worlds Sprint Qualifier
  • [2015] 1st Overall - Mid Sussex sprint, South Coast sprint, Bognor sprint
  • [2015] 2nd Overall - Crawley sprint
  • [2015] 5th Overall - Bewl Water, 1st Vet
  • [2015] 9th Age Group - European 70.3 Championships
  • [2015] 41st Age Group - World 70.3 Championships
Graham Powell

Graham PowellNot coming from a very sporty background triathlons were never going to be easy, but years of slogging to work up and down the A3 on my Raleigh Quasar paid off and at the tender age of 39, after meeting Tom Hills at the gym and after a lot of cajoling, I stepped up to take part in my first race. The post race feelgood factor soon outweighed the dread and exhaustion of the event and so the ball started rolling. after having raced all distances and indulging in a few years of structured training from J.P.S. Sports it all came together in 2012 with a couple of age group trophys, a trend that has carried over with a couple more in the following seasons. Now in My 50's I will be trying to hang on to some of the faster members of Team T.H.E. and try and add some more silverware to my meagre trophy haul!

Race achievements

  • [2014]- [sprint] - [Worthing Tri[ - 1st super vet
  • [2013]- [Sprint] - [Hever Castle] - [1st Vet] Evening race 1
  • [2013]- [Sprint] - [Hever Castle] - [1st Vet] Evening race 2
  • [2012]- [Sprint] - [vachery] - [2nd Vet]
  • [2012]- [Sprint] - [Hever Castle] - [1st Vet]
  • [2007]- [Ironman] - [Lanzarote] - [Finished]
Christopher "to tall" Keeler

Christopher KeelerChris's sporting back ground is from team sports playing rugby and cricket for many years to a high level locally. After being 'encouraged' to do a triathlon in 2009 Chris has ditched the team sports and is now training hard for Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote in October 2013. You will also be able to see Chris racing in the REP triathlons trying to smash his PB's and is thinking about taking on the Vachery middle distance triathlon. After his first age group win last year, Chris will be stepping up an age group taking on the fast boys in the 30-35 age category.

  • [Tri star MK 18.47 for 1k swim, 3 hours 8 mins 25 for 100k bike and 58.27 for 10k, [total time 4.28.27]
  • [Vachery sprint tri]- 15.51 (750m) 29.20 (16 k) 23.20 (5k) total time 1.09.59 [14th overall and top in age group]
Chris "Chrispy" Ticehurst

Chris TicehurstI have always been relatively fit and enjoy being active regularly skiing, scuba diving and taking part in track days on my motorbike. Having competed in some triathlons and time trial racing over 20 years ago and completing the Tough Guy in 2011 (I still twitch when I see an electric fence), I decided my general training needed a new focus. I decided to try triathlon again and give myself a new challenge. I strive to better myself in everything I do in life, and it's no different in triathlon. Discipline, focus and positive mental attitude are three of my main attributes and triathlon tests those to the limits and beyond.

Planned races for 2017

  • Frosty aquathlon‬
  • Steyning Triathlon, Sprint
  • Nuffield Health Eton SuperSprint Tri
  • Arundel Lido Triathlon
  • Mid Sussex Sprint
  • Worthing Tri, Sprint
  • Bananaman Tri, Sprint, or team‬
  • Saint & Sinners trail run
  • Southwater Relays‬
  • ‪Crawley Late Summer (Sprint) Tri‬
  • Heron Way 10km

Race achievements

  • [2016] - [Chris Ticehurst; Steyning Triathlon (Sprint); 16th OV, 2nd AG]
  • [2016] - [Chris Ticehurst; Worthing Triathlon (Sprint); 16th OV, 1st AG]
  • [2016] - [Chris Ticehurst; Eton Sprints Triathlon (Sprint); 36th OV, 4th AG]
  • [2016] - [Chris Ticehurst; Lidl Bananaman Triathlon (Team Relay); 8th OV]
  • [2016] - [Chris Ticehurst; Southwater Relays Triathlon (Sprint); 21st OV, 13th Open Team]
  • [2016] - [Chris Ticehurst; Crawley Late Summer Triathlon (Sprint); 18st OV, 7th AG]
  • [2016] - [Chris Ticehurst; CEP Winter Ballbuster (Duathlon); 31st OV, 9th Team]
If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.
"Bruce Lee"
Rachel Willmott

Rachel WillmottFollowing a successful junior career as an international squash player, Rachel played and captained England at junior level both in European and World Championships.

Rachel qualified as a Family Lawyer this year and works for a specialist firm in St Albans, where she lives with her boyfriend.

Being a total gym fanatic and keen cyclist, Rachel turned to triathlon in 2012. Last season was a break through season for Rachel. Not only did she purchase here beloved Planet X, she also proved triumphant in a number of sprint races including - Steyning, Christ Hospital, London Hyde Park Open race, Sprint series at Thorpe Park, and the Thorpe Park sprint.

Next year, Rachel is hoping to qualify for both the World and European Championships.

Mark Furth

Mark FurthI first gave Triathlon a go in June 2013 having been competitive in sports from a young age. This started with competing in swimming, then Judo, running, road racing, mountain biking, Kung Fu and finally kick boxing before having a long break of several years from competition. Then finally I took up running and competing once more and quickly got drawn into the idea of giving multi sports a go with Duathlon and Triathlon top of the list.

Combining three sports and transitions is a lot of fun and the Triathlon crowd are very welcoming. Transitions are definitely something for me to work on as mine are often measured in minutes rather than seconds!

In 2017 I want to get back to spending a lot more time training and racing again with a great bunch of team mates.

Planned races for 2017

  • Frosty aquathlon‬
  • ‪Henfield 9 (flat trail run)‬
  • Angmering 10km
  • Steyning Triathlon, Sprint or Olympic
  • ‬Eton Sprint (ITU Qualifier)
  • ‪Horsham 10km‬
  • Arundel Lido Triathlon
  • Mid Sussex Sprint
  • Kitzbuhel - Entered‬
  • Worthing Tri, Sprint or Olympic
  • Bananaman Tri, Sprint, Olympic or team‬
  • Arundel - Entered
  • Anglian Water (ETU OLYP Qualifier)‬
  • Bewl Tri‬
  • Southwater Relays‬
  • ‪Crawley Late Summer (Sprint) Tri‬
  • ‪Sept Rotterdam‬
  • Sussex Triathlon
  • Heron Way 10km

Race achievements

  • [2016]- [Henfield NINE / 9 mile train run / 1st OV]
  • [2016]- [Steyning Stinger Marathon / trail / 1st OV]
  • [2016]- [Burgess Hill Spring Classic / road ride 72 miles / gold]
  • [2015]- [REP Angmering Bluebell / 10mile trail run / 7th OV]
  • [2015]- [REP Steyning / Sprint triathlon / 3rd OV, 1st AG]
  • [2015]- [REP Arundel Lido / Sprint triathlon / 3rd OV 1st AG]
  • [2015]- [Petworth Discovery / 10k trail run / 1st OV]
  • [2015]- [REP Arundel iron man distance swim. 49mins]
  • [2015]- [Downland Dash / trail run / 2nd OV]
  • [2015]- [Horsham GoTri aquathlon / 1st OV and current course record.]
  • [2015]- [Banana Man / whole banana / 5th OA, 4th AG]
  • [2015]- [Worthing Triathlon / Olympic]
  • [2015]- [Saints and Sinners / 5mile trail run / 8th OV]
  • [2015]- [Hove Honets Stinger/ 5 mile trail run / 5th OV]
  • [2015]- [REP Arundel Triathlon / Olympic relay / 2nd team, 3rd OV, 1st AG]
  • [2015]- [Fittleworth Flyers Five / 5 mile trail run / 5th OV]
  • [2015]- [REP Firle Half Marathon / trail run / 5th OV, 1st AG]
  • [2015]- [Crawley Late Summer Triathlon / Sprint / 1st OV]
  • [2015]- [Brighton to Brighton Sportive/ 107 mile road ride / Gold award]
  • [2015]- [Herron Way 10k / trail run / 1st OV]
  • [2015]- [Evans North Wales Sportive / 75miles road / gold award.]
  • [2015]- [. Beachyhead marathon / trail marathon / 3hrs 40mins.]
  • [2015]- [Ballbuster Duathlon / 8 mile, 24 mile, 8 mile / 37th OV]
  • [2015]- [Downland Devil 9 / 9 mile trail run / 7th OV, 3rd AG]
  • [2015]- [Hang over 5 / trail run/ 7th OV]
  • [2015]- [Cliveden 10k. / trail run / 7th OV, 2nd AG]
  • [2014]- [Wealden Manic Triathlon - 1st Overal]
  • [2014]- [Sussex Triathlon - 2nd Overal]
  • [2014]- [Steyning Triathlon - 3rd Overal]
  • [2013]- [Hever CastleTriathlon - 2nd Overal]
  • [2013]- [HSBC Triathlon - 4th Overal]
  • [2013]- [Vachery Triathlon - 12th Overal]
  • [2013]- [Lidl Bananman Triathlon - 9th Overal]
  • [2013]- [Worthing Triathlon - 16th Overal]
  • [2013]- [Posten Lacy 10k - 1st + course record]
  • [2013]- [Bexhill Duathlon - 2nd]
  • [2013]- [Horsham 10k - 4th]
  • [2012]- [Pine Ridge 10k - 3rd]
  • [2012]- [Chichester Challenge Marathon - 3rd]
Michael Hartland

Michael HartlandI have a background of team sports, motorsports and kickboxing - I enjoyed playing rugby at school until a motorcross accident meant I had to stop for a while. After I finished college I started playing rugby again for Barns Green and then went on to play at university until 2011 when I decided to have a go at American football where I played as a linebacker in my last year at university. Once I finished university I decided to stop playing contact sports due to unnecessary injury risks and work commitments. I got persuaded to try triathlon back in 2012 when I was taught how to swim front crawl 4 weeks before the Crawley late summer tri - even though I only managed 50m of the swim before going back to breast stoke for the remainder, I have been hooked on the sport ever since. I really enjoy the swimming and cycling aspects of the sport, the running is the least enjoyable and hardest aspect for me. To break up the training Part of the 3 sports I like to spend an hour or 2 each week either in the gym or playing squash with friends. After my first full season of races in 2014 over mainly olympic distance events, I have set my sights on completing my first middle distance race at the Vitruvian man race on the 29th August 2015. I am also aiming to try my hand at a few time trials and may also attempt to qualify for the euro championships in 2016. As well as doing triathlons I also compete across the country driving carriage horses for the Hartland Carriages driving team.

Race achievements

  • [2014] - Steyning triathlon Olympic distance 34th overall and 2nd in Age group.
  • [2014] - Arundel lido triathlon Olympic distance 40th overall and 3rd in Age group.
  • [2014] - Ardingly sprint 11th overall and 1st in Age group.
  • [2014] - Christs Hospital sprint 5th overall.
  • [2014] - Worthing triathlon Olympic distance 35th overall and 1st in Age group.
  • [2014] - Arundel Castle Olympic distance 25th overall and 1st in Age group.
  • [2014] - Bewl triathlon Olympic distance 26th overall and 3rd in Age group.
  • [2014] - Southwater relays with Rachael and Mark - 14th overall and 1st mixed team.
Karina Eustace

Karina EustaceI came from a multi sport background doing Modern Pentathlon at school but that seemed like at lot to do outside of school so I had to think of something smaller. And being a keen swimmer and runner I thought maybe triathlon would be a good idea. I did my first triathlon in 2008 and then had a long break until I moved to London in 2011 where I joined a little team and competed for them. In 2013 I somehow qualified for the sprint distance Age Group World Championships held in London coming 11th overall. In 2014 I also qualified again for the sprint distance Age Group World Championships in Canada coming 13th overall and 3rd British. In 2015 I qualified at Bala Olympic Distance for the European Age Group Champs held in Portugal this year. So I'm off there in May.

Rob Sherwood

Rob SherwoodI have been doing triathlons since 2008 competing for the University of Warwick Triathlon and Road Cycling club, I had a reasonable background in running and cycling but swimming was completely new. After a few years I then turned to pure bike racing with Inverse Race Team followed by a stint of pure running with Clapham Chasers, however since 2014 triathlon has returned as my main focus for racing.

Planned races for 2017

  • Frosty aquathlon
  • Surrey half marathon
  • Bolt around the holt 10km
  • Angmering trail run
  • Steyning Triathlon
  • The Hurt trail 10km
  • Guildford triathlon
  • Kitzbuhel, Olympic
  • Worthing Tri, Sprint or Olympic
  • Arundel Tri
  • Southwater Relays
  • Tri challenge team event
Joanne Hartland

Joanne HartlandI have had a career in carriage driving, driving a team of four horses and also pairs of horses in National and International competition. I am MD to Hartland Carriages who is one of the T.H.E. sponsors. We manufacture and design horse drawn carriages, harnesses and accessories for the sport of Carriage Driving. I also help run Horsham Carriage Occasions our horse drawn wedding business with my son and T.H.E. team member Michael. Triathlon was introduced to me at my local gym in 2012. Had to learn to swim properly to start with, and that still challenges me! 2016 has been my first competitive season l feel, and have progressed through Sprint to Olympic distance. I have had a few age group wins in the 7 or 8 triathlons l have entered.

When the going gets tough the tough get going
Nick Casburn

Nick CasburnThroughout my younger years swimming and cycling were my staple diet. My focus switched to running in my early twenties therefore it was inevitable that one day I would take up triathlon. In 2010 I did just that and haven't looked back. While I have mainly competed at Olympic distance my focus for this season will be at on the shorter sprint distances.

Planned races for 2017

  • Frosty Aquathlon
  • Worthing David Llyod tri
  • Arundel lido tri
  • Mid Susses tri
  • Worthing tri
  • Bognor tri
  • Southwater relays
  • Crawley tri
Connie Turner

Connie TurnerI have always been relatively fit but my passion was always horses and eventing but in 2015 I was persuaded to give a triathlon a go! Minimal training but I survived and before I knew it I entered a few more. My swimming has never been good, so in 2016 I focused on Duathlons and qualifying for the Duathlon Age Group World Championships in Aviles. Due to an injury I had picked up in the lead up to Aviles on return I decided to leave running for a while and spent the summer bike racing with Wyndymilla. I am now able to run again so I've decided it is time to learn how to swim front crawl and go back to triathlons with the aim of qualifying for the European and World Age Group Championships.


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